Professional Deburring Tool With Blade + 10 Bonus Blades and Tungsten Cabide Scribe

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Whether you’re looking to remove burrs from plumbing pipes, tubing conduit, or PVC tubing—this deburring tool is a must-have for your kit. This tool includes a professional blade and holds any heavy-duty 3.2mm swivel head blade. Includes 10 bonus blades for your use. This deburring tool is ideal for use in the home, plumbing or in professional workshops. Use it for cross holes and deep holes, straight edges or curved edges.

The included Tungsten carbide scriber helps you make precise, detailed lines on materials including glass, ceramics, stainless steel and hardened steel. The permanent magnet on the etching tool makes it easy to lift away steel chips and pick up small parts safely. Reverses to protect your hands when not in use.

This tool includes a pack of 10 bonus blades in a plastic storage case. These blades are crafted of high-speed steel for 80% longer lifespan than traditional carbon steel blades. Ideal for use on steel, copper, aluminum, or plastic.

  • Includes heavy-duty s-blade plus 10 bonus blades in a secure plastic storage case
  • Tempered high-speed steel design improves wear and ensures great performance over time; 80% longer lifespan than regular carbon steel blades
  • Aluminum handle provides longevity, while remaining comfortable and secure to hold
  • Versatile hand deburring tool can be used for a variety of jobs both professional and DIY; use for metal, plastic, PVC, and many more surfaces
  • Tungsten carbide scriber tip easily marks hardened steel, ceramic and glass surfaces; permanent magnet tip picks up small parts and steel chips with ease

Product Specifications for Deburring Tool:

Length: 150mm

Diameter: 12mm

Weight: 50g

Product Specifications for Blades:

Length: 47mm

Weight: 42g

Material: M2 HSS

Hardness: 62-64Rc

Product Specifications for Tungsten Carbide Scriber:

Material: Aluminum plating, Magnet