190-Pc. Set of Fastener Clips For Honda, Acura & Mazda

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Most Popular Honda Clips + Free Fastener Remover

Find everything you need for your Honda, Acura, or Mazda vehicle in this 190-piece pack of car clips. We've packed together the most popular auto car clip sizes for your Honda model so you can use them for everything—door panels, fenders, bumpers and more. Inside you'll find 18 easy-to-read box compartments with full listings of pieces, sizes, and quantities, so you know exactly what you're working with. Perfect for auto professionals and at-home car specialists, this bulk set is a must-have. Whether you're fine-tuning or overhauling your vehicle, you'll have all the pieces you need to get the job done, all crafted in durable nylon that lasts. Includes a free fastener remover to make the job even easier.



[0.236”hole size;head dia:15mm–stem length:13mm-Nylon push type retainers-Qty:14] 

[0.236”hole size;head dia:18mm–stem length:10mm-Nylon vent panel blind rivets-Qty:14]

[0.275"hole size;head dia:16mm–stem length:12.5mm-Nylon push type retainers-Qty:14]

[0.295"hole size;head dia:19.6mm–stem length:9.5mm–Fender splash shield push type retainer-Qty:14]

[0.314"hole size;head dia:20.6mm–stem length:9.2mm–Splash shield blind rivets-Qty:10]

[0.314"hole size;head dia:20mm–stem length:10mm-Nylon push type retainers-Qty:10]

[0.314"hole size;head dia:20mm–stem length:11mm–Nylon push type retainers-Qty:10]

[0.314"hole size;head dia:19.7mm–stem length:10.2mm–Nylon front fender retainers-Qty:10]

[0.314"hole size;head dia:17.5mm–stem length:15mm–Garnish side protector push type retainers-Qty:10]

[0.314"hole size;head dia:18mm–stem length:22mm–Nylon push type retainers-Qty:10]

[0.314"hole size;head dia:20.5mm–stem length:20.5mm–Nylon push type retainers-Qty:10]

[0.334"hole size;head dia:18mm–stem length:13mm–Nylon push type retainers-Qty:10]

[0.393"hole size;head dia:20mm–stem length:14mm–Nylon push type retainers-Qty:10 

[0.393"hole size;head dia:20mm–stem length:13mm–Front bumper push type retainers-Qty:10]

[0.393"hole size;head dia:20mm–stem length:18mm–Front & rear bumper push type retainers-Qty:10]

[0.393"hole size;head dia:20mm–stem length:23mm–Nylon bumper fascia retainers-Qty:8]

[0.393"hole size;head dia:20mm–stem length:25mm–Nylon bumper retainers-Qty:8]

[0.393"hole size;head dia:20mm–stem length:28mm–Nylon bumper fascia retainers-Qty:8]


  • Crafted in high-quality nylon for stronger durability than recycled nylon, polypropylene or ABS
  • 190-piece set of 18 most common sizes for Honda, Acura & Mazda models
  • Covers 6mm to 10mm hole sizes for exact OEM replacement
  • Free fastener remover—steel shaft & convenient handle for safe metal or plastic clips removal
  • Multi-use for most auto trim replacement jobs