13-Piece Deburring Tool Set featuring Automatic Center Punch + 10 Extra Blades - AFA Tooling

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    Deburring Tool with 11 Blades and Automatic Center Punch – 13 Piece Set works in many areas such as plumbing, tubing and much more.

    Universal Drill Preparation and Edge-Smoothing Set

    Making punches and dimples and refining them later on has never been easier. With our Deburring Tool and Automatic Center Punch, even the hardest of materials can be prepared for drilling and refined for a smoother job.

    With 11 extra, heavy duty blades in the Deburring Tool and a hardened steel (HRC 58-65) pin for the Automatic Center Punch, you can count on the purchase to last you a long time. It is a great gift for those who perform regular modifications on their own cars as a hobby, need deburring to be done around the house, or for professionals who do these tasks for a living.

    The versatility and the various use cases that this set provides makes it  a must have. Our deburring tool is small and can be simple to move around it also allows for quick blade replacements. This tool stands out because of its strength and durability.

      • Heavy duty blades in the Deburring Tool are 80% more long-lasting than usual blades.
      • Small-sized yet strong-powered handheld Deburring Tool can be carried and handled easily.
      • Pen-like grip of the Automatic Center Punch makes its punches more precise.
      • Hardened steel (HRC 58-65) pin can make clean dimples and punches through the hardest of metals as well as wood, leather, and even glass.

    Product Specifications for Deburring Tool:

    Length: 150mm

    Diameter: 12mm

    Weight: 50g

    Product Specifications for Blades:

    Length: 47mm

    Weight: 42g

    Material: M2 HSS

    Hardness: 62-64Rc

    Product Specifications for Automatic Center Punch:

    Pin Material: HRC 58-65

    Body Material: Chrome Steel